Friday, December 23, 2011

APA Box Layout Design

Here is a track plan I worked up last night to fit the dimensions (approximate) of the APA Box from IKEA. The setting for this plan is a switching district in a medium to large city. DPM and Walthers brick modular structures would be ideal kits for the warehouses and other industries. This plan features cassettes for moving cars/locos on and off the layout. Each cassette is 14" long. This length will easily accommodate a GE 70 ton switcher and a 55' covered hopper or 50' box car.

The lid of the APA Box would be great place to house a lighting fixture, or it could be removed. The front panel of the APA Box is the only wall panel not used for obvious reasons. Another option you could use would be to replace the two cassettes on the left with a traverser.
The cassettes/traverser could be hidden by attaching two 14" L x 12" H panels to the left and right side of the viewing area of the APA Box.

Operations would involve picking up and setting out cars at the warehouses on the back spur and the industry on the front spur. The cassettes will allow the loco to duck in and out of the visible portion of the layout to shunt cars and to set out empties.

Additional Info:

Minimum Radius: 24"
Track/Turnouts: Atlas Code 83/#4 left and right hand turnouts

Feel free to post any ideas and/or changes you would make to this plan!


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