Sunday, December 18, 2011


Those of you who read my small model railways blog will already be familiar with the APA storage box from IKEA. It's a flat pack, self assembly kit made from pine and hardboard, held together with some socket cap head screws. Assembly is ridiculously quick and easy and when assembled, the kit turns into a very nice storage box approximately 28" x 12" x 14".
If you like storage boxes that is...
Me? I immediately saw the possibilities for a cabinet for a microlayout of some description.
Above: Here's a picture of an APA box assembled as it should be.
Above: BUT if you remove the front it is very apparent that it could make the basis of a very interesting cabinet style layout.
Above: The lid also holds interesting possibilities for attaching lighting
Since I alerted the model railway world to the possibilities of the APA back in June and July of this year if has been adopted with great gusto by the Gn15 world, with a standard for modular layouts being mooted and adopted. I have also heard of an N scale layout being planned to take up two APA's.
As for me. I have three of the boxes but am a little undecided what to do with them. As is not surprising to those of you who know me, I have too many ideas for what to do.


  1. Verrrry interesting. I was looking at a 1:24 shed I built last year. It measures 9" wide x 6" deep by 7" tall. That would be perfect to house the shed and some track. Hmmmm.

  2. Man. I followed the link to IKEA. I looked for a 'local store' .. and they don't have a single store in SC. What's with that? Do I live on Mars? Geeze.