Saturday, December 10, 2011

Serial Model Railroad Builder...

That's what it says on the publicity cards I have on my displays at trains shows in the Midwest. There are, as I speak, currently three working model railroad layouts in my basement in varying sizes and scales. There was until 2 weeks ago a fourth one, but I tore that up to replace with a new layout. There are also 5 baseboards down there for other projects that are started and stalled. There are also three IKEA APA boxes down there as part of another model railroading experiment. Then lets go and have a look in the freezing cold garage where there's another three baseboards from previous layouts waiting to be recycled/reused/disposed of as I see fit.
ALL of these baseboards are under 4 square feet. The maximum size of a microlayout as defined by my good friend, the late Carl Arendt on his website Micro/Small layouts for model railroads.
I've been interested in Model Railways/Railroads for as long as I can remember and I've been designing and building microlayouts since before the term was even invented.
Whilst I have the greatest admiration for those who build basement filling empires, it's not for me. To me there is too much inspirational stuff out there to tie myself down to one layout.
So just don't show me a picture of a railway who knows where that might lead...

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