Monday, January 2, 2012

APA Box Layout Design

Here is another HO track plan design using the APA Box. This Inglenook track plan features a section of a railroad's servicing area, with the RIP (Repairs In Place) track being the focal scene. The other service track includes a covered entrance into the railroad's paint shop. The center track is connected with a pair of cassettes. The cassette on the left is where inbound cars enter and outbound cars depart the layout. The cassette on the right is used for switching the service tracks.

I borrowed Ian's idea of using a boxcar as a view block for the left side of the layout. The structure on the right serves as a view block for the right side. The backside of a roundhouse is used as a background structure.

The modeler could create a highly detailed scene with lots of castings and figures, as well as rolling stock in various states of disrepair/repair. The Inglenook design allows operations as well. A small switcher (70 ton or less) will work, but an HO scale Trackmobile* would be even better.

Additional Details:

APA Box: 27.5”L x 14”W (approximate)

Cassette/Staging Track: 14”L

Backdrop: Photo or Painted

As always, feel free to modify this plan. If you do, be sure to share it with us!!


*Web link provided for information only. Not intended as an endorsement from myself and/or the Micro Model Railroad Cartel.

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  1. The boxcar could even be up on jacks as if in mid repair... I think modelling such a scene was featured in Model Railroader a few years ago...