Monday, January 2, 2012

APA Box Layout Design

Here is another HO track plan using the APA box.

This HO track plan is based on an actual industry located in my neck of the woods. Piramal Glass manufacturers glass containers. Covered hoppers are used to bring in silica sand to the plant. The glass containers are shipped out by truck. No other rolling stock is used at the plant. The industrial spur continues on to a rail container loading/unloading facility, but that facility is currently not in use. Piramal Glass also stores covered hoppers on this spur. Rail service is provided by Union Pacific. The plant uses a Trackmobile to move cars around the facility. The glass plant is located on the site of an old lead mining facility.

Flat River Glass, the former name of the glass plant, is my take on the prototype. The traverser tables are used to move cars on and off the layout. The track to the front can be used for storing extra covered hoppers on the visible part of the layout. The tailing pile is a remnant from the lead mining days. It is used as a view block.

APA Box: 27.5”L x 14”W (approximate)

Traverser/Staging Track: 14”L

Backdrop: Photo or Painted

Feel free to change this track plan as you see fit!



  1. You're coming up with so many ideas you'll soon have to build one of them Tom

  2. Now comes the hard part...deciding which one to build! ; )