Monday, January 2, 2012

City Dream re-imagined - Visualised!

Since I first proposed the idea of using the IKEA APA box as a basis for a micro model railroad earlier in the year, many other modellers have taken the idea and run with it. So, with the new year approaching, I was feeling that I should also "put my money where my mouth is", so to speak. Then Tom proposed his "City Dreams" vision which intrigued me enough to want to sketch it up.  Now with the New Year upon us I thought that perhaps that would be a good New Years resolution for me. So I threw some track and structures down in one of my APA's to see if my vision of "city dreams" would work as I wanted it to. 

I think it does. I won't be using a three storey building on the left. It dominates too much. It should only be two. Otherwise I think its very workable.


  1. Looks good Ian! It's amazing how much space is in that box.

  2. Thanks Shawn: Space of course, is relative (or is that time... or both...?)I take it you've reviewed the pictures on my RMWeb blog showing the difference in "space" just by changing the larger structure front left with something a little less tall. There's not much room in an APA box so every inch has to be developed to its maximum.