Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Micro Track Plan: The Car Shop

UPDATED (4/26/2012):  I changed the turnouts from left to right and moved them next to the traverser instead of next to the car shop.  This arrangement allows a loco to access the front track without having to enter the car shop interior.

Here is a basic drawing of a micro track plan to fit a one foot by four foot space.

The traverser could be hidden within another structure by using DPM or Walthers Modular components.  A backdrop could also be used to hide the front of the traverser and a highway overpass to mask the traverser's entrance/exit tracks.  Cars/locos can be fiddled off of the layout within the hidden traverser or you could use a cassette(s) on either end of the front track.

Track Plan Note:  Traverser track is 14 inches long.  Car shop tracks are a little over 11 inches long.

Feel free to modify this plan to suit your needs.

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