Friday, December 28, 2012

The Car Shop Build Part 1

Welcome to the Car Shop Build!

I have been mulling around a few ideas based on the HO scale car shop track plan I posted to this site back in April.  I have redesigned the plan, but it could change while I'm building this micro layout.  Version 1.1 included two turnouts, but I have removed these in version 1.2.

The layout is 1' x 4' with a hidden traverser track for switching and fiddling cars on and off the layout.  I will be using a highway overpass to hide the entrance tracks to the traverser. 

I have laid out the structure base and some flex track pieces on top of the layout base.  This base is made from foam board pieces I had on hand.  The two white foam pieces are from Woodland Scenics (12" x 24").  The WS foam pieces are pinned down to the foam base, and they will be used as a guide for cutting off excess foam from the base.  Using the foam base and T-pins will allow me to try out the track arrangement before committing to a final plan. I will also be using code 100 track since I have a ton of this on hand.

The track plan will be finalized before moving on to Part 2.  I also need to start building the car shop.

Until next time,