Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout Update 5

Scenery Work Begins

Started adding scenery to the layout by applying a base coat of paint to the ground and track.   I also filled in the foam core roadbed sides with Sculptamold.  I like to add some earth-colored latex paint to the water before I add the dry Sculptamold.  Adding this color tones down the stark white of the Sculptamold.   I used a palette knife to mix, apply, and smooth the Sculptamold.

The road through the scene was made with a foam core base and Woodland Scenics' Smooth-It applied over it.  I applied the Smooth-It with a palette knife. I used an old freight truck, screwdriver, and Bright Boy track cleaner to keep the flangeways and rail tops clear of the plaster.



  1. Tom,
    It looks like you are making great progress. That was a great idea to use the Sculptamold on the foam core and the track. It really gives it a realistic look. I hope you post some pics showing your backdrop as well. I am seeing this in late April since I didn't get a notice of your posting for some reason. Hopefully you are able to continue work during the Spring and Summer.
    Do you, by any chance, know how to locate the Power Point presentation on building with foam core that you mentioned in an earlier post? That may have been in 2013, so you may not have a clue now. Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. David,

      Thank you for commenting!

      Unfortunately, I only have a pdf of the foam core presentation. I received the pdf from the author, Prof. Klyzlr, on a Model Rail Radio Skype chat several years ago.

      I have been looking at the backdrop and telling myself I need to get to work on it. I am hoping to start on it sometime in the near future. I will be sure to post photos when I do.

      Thanks again for your comment!