Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout Part 8

The Final Push

The Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout is nearing completion.   Track ballast is in place and final scenery work begins.

A few more finishing touches are needed on the warehouse structure.  I did not copy the prototype structure exactly and used plastic detail parts to hide seams and flaws in the cardstock/foam core building flat.  

Scenery textures will hide the section seam.   The connecting track section pieces were ballasted using a piece of .010 styrene glued to the bottom of the ties/sleepers and ballast applied to the topside of the track section. This technique worked well and I am happy with the results. 

Despite all of the isopropyl alcohol and scenery cement poured onto the foam core baseboard, warping has been slight.  This warping has not created any issues with connections or any vertical deflections to the track.  Overall it has been a pleasant experience.  

My next Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout Update will be the final build post and will show the finished layout. 

Until next time!