Sunday, December 11, 2011

Train Geek & Technology Nerd

Although that title might be self proclaimed, I think it sums me up in one line. I am the founder of Shortline Modelers Lounge, employeed full-time as a print and web designer and a full-time freelance web developer. Oh, did I mention I have three boys! As you can see, I really have no time to build a massive layout. I would love to some day but my taste in shortline railroading is so vast it would be pointless to build one at this time (I would end up tearing it up and rebuilding it weekly). I grew up in Northern California around some pretty well known logging and shortline railroads and there is something appealing about them all. Further, logging in Eastern Europe and Japan are spectacular.

With that said, my life will become a series of models, dioramas and micro layouts and I couldn't be happier!

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