Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just For Fun

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Remember, it's all in good fun!!


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  2. As of 1/19/2013, 2 people have no confidence in myself, Ed, and Shawn! LOL! Going to use this for motivation! : )

  3. BTW: Working on The Car Shop Micro this evening, but the real question is...will I ever finish it?! : )

  4. Let's see ..
    - Have about half the ties glued to the stringers on my On18 trestle
    - GOT to get busy on the card-stock clinic promised to do
    - Have a backwoods water tank that probably only needs a couple hours to finish .. which I keep putting off
    - Have a turntable .. same
    - The Par Four Challenge on RRL .. have a Leggo mold for a plaster pour . .that's it
    - Hopper from On30 IMA to build ..
    - Oh . oh .. still need to extend a vehicular bridge from my pier .. keep forgetting that's the 'why' I haven't finished the pier or poured 'water'
    - Have the Rural Post Office from River Dam Model Works 'on the shelf'.