Tuesday, September 20, 2016

An old idea berths again.

A few years ago certain members of the cartel who will remain nameless posted pictures of the Naksup wayfrieght in Canada and the associated car float rail terminal. This concept tempted me no end, and I nearly capitulated and built a car float based micro. In the intervening time a few car float terminal ideas surfaced. I'm sure every one of them was meant to entice me. But I managed to ignore them. Other pressures helped to divert my attention from this. But quite by accident I discovered this, The Saxman terminal railroad
Once again it's an Alaskan car float based terminal this one is small and compact. The car float berths at the dock at the bottom and cars are then hauled around the horseshoe curve and switched to the large warehouse that has a tuning fork track plan alongside it. A couple of team track locations would make for interesting switching problems.
Saxman terminal today, the track appears to be lifted but it's clear where it used to run.
It's an interesting scheme. Motive power for the line was apparently a Trackmobile, available in HO scale. I think you could effective model this in five or six feet in length in that scale. 
But I'm interested in the idea of recreating it in Z scale. It would fit in about 20" x 30"
A 30" x 20" sheet of foam core board would probably contain the entire layout.
I have some Z scale equipment that I'd like to use and create something that would be a different development of a train set based starter layout. I think I have almost all the track I need. I need 2 switches. I'd be inclined to turn the two sidings at the top into a passing siding and hide the run around offstage so it just looks like two single sidings.
The car float bridge can be adapted from a Micro Trains girder bridge (which I also happen to have)
Micro Trains girder bridge. A basis for the car float bridge perhaps.
A big warehouse would need to be built, and lots of trees too.
So, lots of food for thought. We will just have to see where it all goes.

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  1. This is a great subject for a micro layout. In full size HO the subject would almost fit a 4x8. This could be modified/compressed into any number of smaller scenarios in a variety of scales. I personally would use HO and a small 0-4-0 (or gas mech) with short cars one extra siding and have an inglenook.